i had a little off

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i had a little off

Postby jerseypug » Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:24 am

i have just competed in our local l'etacq attack rally and was having a great day until i overdid a 90 right and put 2 wheels on the grass and span into a low gauze bank which had barbed wire and all sorts in it. unfortunately the car wasn't coming out without a tow so missed a stage, when we managed to get it out i replaced a punctured wheel and carried on but the rad had become dislodged and ended up dragging on the floor which put a hole in it causing me to retire as i didn't want to overheat the engine. really fun day with the z3 arms and 328i shafts seeming to work happily together which is a result (i will have to check they are still straight)
I need to repair the bumpers again as they were damaged on the way in and with the marshals trying to pull me out fibreglass was going all over the place
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