just about ready, its first rally next week

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just about ready, its first rally next week

Postby jerseypug » Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:33 pm

The car is just about there. it has now got its passport and i have a couple of small jobs to finish off to get it ready for our rally next saturday. i still have to fit the in date belts and seats from the other car (no point having 2 sets as i can only drive one car at a time) i need to fit the intercom which is already wired up and fit the wheels with the dirt tyres on.
it has the standard m44 engine with medium case 3.9 lsd. the suspension is bilstein shocks front and back with 350lb 10" front springs and e36 M3 springs on the rear. i have taken the rear roll bar off and left the front one on. the car is about 15mm higher than standard. i have no idea with suspension so it will be interesting to see how it handles on the gravel/dusty concrete.
i can always disconnect a drop link on the front roll bar and see how it works.
i used the other car on the dirt without both roll bars and liked the way it handled but the car was very low and the springs were much harder.
one thing i have noticed is when driving on the wet roads with standard road tyres the rear locks up very easily, driving normally, dropping down to 3rd at about 30mph will put it sideways along with accelerating in a straight line in 3rd will spin the tyres and its defiantly not from too much power. if anyone has any advice about roll bars/ ride heights etc please let me know.
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