130i Tarmac Rally Car Build

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130i Tarmac Rally Car Build

Postby JAMESBRODIE » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:57 pm

Hi All,

New to the forum. Wanted to introduce myself as did in the new member section.

I've been looking for a project to get myself back into competitive motorsport for some time and fancied a change and came up with the idea of a 130i tarmac rally car to be used on single event rally and Rally Barbados within the next 24 months. I would also like make the car available to do some circuit racing at times with a suspension change with this car being used initially as a road car for a couple of months while I wait for a car to be delivered.

Reason for the 130i is because it fits within U.K. Rally regs that a max on 3.0 litre is allowed and no more. I also want this to be a cost efficient and reliable project and not a bottomless pit, it's also a great chassis and a light engine where weight will be crucial.

My lack of knowledge of rally will show I'm sure but below is my build list and really would be open to advice or anyone's experience, suggestions etc?

Cage Custom Cages
Wheels 6 wheels dynamics 1.2
Seats and mounts Momo
Boss kit Momo
Wheel Momo
Intercom Peltor
Footplate co driver
Fire system Lifeline
Exhaust TBC Poss Cobra
Intake TBC
Remap TBC
LSD Quaife
Tyres Hankook
Suspension TBC
Short shifter later Sadev sequential box
Hydraulic hand brake
Brakes Alcon
Harness x2
2nd fuel pump
Anti roll bars
Strut mounts

Many Thanks

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