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E36 Compact Spares

Postby Lee F » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:15 pm

Afternoon all,

First post, but i've watched from afar for a while.
I picked up an E36 compact in november for rallying and have been putting it right ever since :roll:

So it's finally off to get mapped tomorrow, so fingers crossed for that and then it needs finishing to get logbooked and then the first event will be the NW stages, talk about a baptism of fire.

Currently, i have no spares. What are common items that break on events, if any? So i am looking for a list of items that i'll need in the van just in case.

The front arms and hubs are all bespoke, so i am going to have to redesign all that and get some new ones made up. I'm still learning the car and the more i learn the more i want to change :mrgreen: i'm a fussy bugger.

thanks in advance
Lee F
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