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ronez Jersey quarry rally

Postby jerseypug » Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:42 am

its been a bit of a rush getting the car ready as i have taken the m42 engine out as it is getting work done to it and isn't ready to go back in yet. i was offered a complete 328i which had overheating problems so i bought it, had the head skimmed and fitted a new head gasket, whilst it was out i fitted a 325 inlet manifold and had the ecu re programmed. i fitted it into the compact over the easter weekend and ran it on our local dirt rally the following week, unfortunately the radiator was punctured on the first stage so i replaced it with a spare that lasted a further 6 stages then the replacement rad was punctured in exactly the same place, rather than risk overheating i pulled out the rally. i couldn't work out what had caused the puncture as the only thing that could of hit it was the viscus fan which is about 40mm away. i was later told that apparently the viscus fan blades can curl outwards under high revs which was hard to believe but would explain the reason for the damage and on further investigation 2 of the fan blades were freshly marked at the edges and the rad had an arc matching the line of the blades.
it was still a fun day with very little grip, some nasty crashes and a variety of cars including a lancia delta integrally which was lovely to see. even though there was no grip and there were a few 4x4 cars running the overall winner was a vauxhall powered e30 bmw
the 328i engine has plenty of power and sounds lovely, i am going to fit a new rad and electric fan then keep enjoying it until i get my m42 back in
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