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Belguim Events - What You Need

Postby is-si » Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:43 pm

Continued and re-titled from MEF's Monteberg Rally Sprint thread as it was very useful.

OK, I'll try and list requirements:

MSA UK Nat A Competition Rally DRIVER license for both driver and co-driver * NOTE* Co-driver must have "Driver" License
you MUST take your UK driving license with you to produce at signing on (both Driver & Co-Driver)
you need your valid MOT certificate at scrutineering
you need your insurance certificate at signing on
MSA rally car logbook
FIA marked foam on roll cage anywhere near your head, both sides
safetey film on windows or perspex
standard fuel tank or FIA FT3 spec alternative
pressure test certificate if alloy tank
if sight gauge on alloy tank it must be covered/protected
4litre plumbed in extinguisher (can be 2 units)
plumbed in extinguisher to go into cockpit and engine bay
Plumbed in extinguisher to have bolted fixings on its base platform, no rivets
Plumbed in extinguisher to have bolted straps, no over centre clips
2 handheld extinguishers to be fitted
all extinguisher to have a signed test label dated within last 2 years (I think)
FIA spec in date seats
FIA spec in date belts
HANS devices for both
Nomex suit FIA 8856-2000
full underwear FIA 8856-2000 note: old ISO 6429 (or whatever) no longer valid
socks FIA 8856-2000
balaclava FIA 8856-2000
race boots FIA 8856-2000
gloves FIA 8856-2000 (not co-driver, they can stand burns!)
helmets normal spec with hans posts

they are very keen on labels on all racewear, you cant get away with "must be in the washing machine filter"

Important: this year no wrong make engines, ie Ford in a Ford, no VX XE's in a Ford as in previous years! ie No Duratec in a BMW etc

I know a lot of this seems like extra costs but to be honest most items are now in line on uk spec to latest MSA regs.

Can't think of any more just now, will add if I remember!


A couple of more things to add:

Green OK/SoS Board
Names on Side Windows
2 Photocopies of rally car V5 + MoT + Insurance doc's
VAS Rounds - 1 handheld + 1 plumbed in
FiA Rounds - 2 handheld's (I think)

All for now 8)
Could do with making this a `sticky'.
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