Mini Epynt Stages - Sunday June 1st 2014

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Mini Epynt Stages - Sunday June 1st 2014

Postby mrfuzzyfelts » Thu May 01, 2014 11:42 am

Regs online..

Anyone else doing it??

Im going up for a spin if i get entry :)
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Re: Mini Epynt Stages - Sunday June 1st 2014

Postby Garry.M » Fri May 02, 2014 7:50 am

Big boys rallys now? ;-),,, try not to break it :-)
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Re: Mini Epynt Stages - Sunday June 1st 2014

Postby mrfuzzyfelts » Fri May 02, 2014 11:38 am


Ye need to get away from these crappy SV events on airfields and alike....!

Might be my first and last time up there..

Went testing last night on a very similar road to Epynts, There isn’t much room for error and brows and jumps make it slightly interesting to say the least!
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Re: Mini Epynt Stages - Sunday June 1st 2014

Postby bruvs1 » Fri May 02, 2014 11:50 am

Good roads, don't drive beyond the notes, watch the ever tightening chicanes!! :? 320is, 330is rallying!
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Re: Mini Epynt Stages - Sunday June 1st 2014

Postby mrfuzzyfelts » Fri May 23, 2014 9:23 am

Car 48.... Cant wait now!

Entrant Driver K of E Motor Club Co-Driver K of E Motor Club Car
1 Jeremy Straker FDMC Simon May FDMC Darrian T9 Q585 CPF White 3
2 Kevin Davies X PTMC Nathan Davies X PTMC Mitsubishi Evo 9 449 FS White/Green 4
3 Ray Horton Herefordshire Paul Williams Kidwelly Darrian T90 W709 NEJ Blue 7
4 Rob Tout X Dan Holley Mitsubishi Evo 9 Black/White
5 Dave Willett Stockport 061 John Davies Ford Escort MK2 ERJ 948T Red/White 4
6 Roger Hicks X Forresters Terry Martin X Forresters Ford Escort MK2 FLK 1T Green 4
7 Andy Frazer X Dukeries Kenny Owen Darrian T9V6 Q571 PDE Grey 4
8 Mark Ellis PTMC John Morgan Epynt Subaru Grp A R3 GPA Yellow
9 Ian Evans Herefordshire Vauxhall
10 Sean Crowley X Lampeter Emma Jones X Lampeter Peugeot 205 GTI C196 JMJ White/Blue 3A
11 Ian Godney X Maesteg Mike Jenkins Renault Clio LM52 KVS Red 3
12 Pete Rayner BTRDA Den Golding Ford Escort MK2 KDV 88V Yellow 4
13 Ian Caddy X HOVAC Alan Thomas X HOVAC Ford Escort MK2 HWL 7W Red 4
14 Phil Turner WBCC Siobhan Pugh NADAC Ford Escort MK2 NRE 636W Red 3
15 Philip Turner X PTMC Simon Anthony X PTMC Subaru Impreza M9 TCS Red/White 4
16 t Neil Weaver Ludlow Paul Wakley Ystrad Mynach Darrian T9 Q599 YAW White 3
17 Sam Davies Epynt Cliff Jones Epynt Vauxhall Nova J550 SKX White 2
18 Wayne Lloyd Epynt Martyn Williams Epynt Ford Escort MK2 HJN 902N Red 3
19 Richard Bliss X CRSW Jamie Vaughan X Forresters Honda civic T795 BLG White 2
20 Anthony Morgan Epynt Jonathan Hawkins Epynt Ford Harrier LPP 500V Silver 3
21 Brian Davis Herefordshire Ian Davis Herefordshire Ford Escort MK2 JRN 668S Green 3
22 James Sharrock PTMC Stuart Faulds PTMC Ford Escort MK2 TOL 11L Blue 4
23 Les Skeet Forresters Rob Jenkins Forresters Ford Puma Super 2000 V561 MCK White 3
24 Andrew Turner Brecon Dennis Turner Brecon Citroen C2R2 Max VX05 XTT White 2
25 Paul Boxhall Herefordshire Teresa Butler Herefordshire Peugeot 205 D94 BP4 Yellow 3
26 Robert Davies Herefordshire Fiona Scarrett Ford Escort MK2 HAC 219V Blue 4
27 Mark James GVMC Hefin Jenkins GVMC Ford Escort MK2 TNT 2S Black 3
28 Mark Fisher Sutton & Cheam Ian Jones North Wales Ford Escort MK2 MTT 50W White/Blue 4
29 Dai Bowen Maesteg Arwel Cullen Harlech Subaru Impreza L422 UMB White 4
30 Geoff Tremblett Maesteg Ron Morgan Maesteg Darrian GTR OYA 590L Blue 3
31 Dan Evans Herefordshire Lewis Mason Herefordshire Vauxhall Nova B434 YUR White 1
32 Dave Thomas Forresters Kevin Haven Forresters Ford Escort MK2 WCK 351R Red/White 3
33 David Ginn Herefordshire Gareth Price Ford Escort MK2 DOP 650V 3A
34 Justin Jones LDMC Nia Hughes LDMC Ford Escort MK2 DMH 849V Yellow 5
35 Dale Clatworthy X Maesteg David Bradley Forresters Toyota Corolla D206 OUG Red 2
36 Chris Powell Herefordshire Jim Lewis Herefordshire Talbot Sunbeam UDW 658V Yellow 1
37 Hywel Greves X Llaneli Tom Wood Forresters Volkswagen Polo W761 KBD Yellow 2
38 Dylan Thomas X Caernarfon Emyr Hall X Bala Peugeot 106 P858 PVT Gold 2
39 Ben Godney Maesteg Ceri Simpson X Maesteg Peugeot 205 K360 UPM Yellow 2
40 Dai Roberts TVMC Max Freeman WSSCC Peugeot 205 White 2
41 Ieuan Evans Lampeter Arfon Griffiths Lampeter Ford Escort UFM 97R White 3A
42 Craig Jose X PTMC Nigel Hewett X PTMC Peugeot 205 GTI E97 UBG Yellow 2
43 Jamie Jukes Llandysul Vauxhall Astra G792 LHH White 5
44 Martin Evans Ford Escort MK2 NFJ 66P Blue 3
45 Simon Kemp Kidwelly Derrick Walters Carmarthen Ford Escort MK2 XTH 286T Orange 4
46 David Morgan X Forresters Richard Suter X Forresters Darrian T9 Q942 RNH Red/White 1
47 Eurwyn Davies Epynt Kath Curzon Forresters Peugeot 205 GTI H189 JPY White 5
48 Tom Barber TVMC Geoff Forster BMW Compact W371 MEC Yellow 4
49 Alex Cannon Alan Carfrae Subaru Impreza P874 OKP Blue 4
50 Dan Bufton Epynt Tom Marrott CRSW Vauxhall Nova SR J225 JEJ Yellow 1
51 Gerwyn Jones Epynt Ceri Davies Epynt Ford Escort Q292 TEP Blue 5
52 Tony Rees Carmarthen Geraint Thomas Bridgend Talbot Sunbeam YIA 619 White 3
53 Nick Morris NADAC David Shaw NADAC Ford Escort MK2 MNV 593P Red 4
54 Ian Barnard BTRDA Andy Bull Vauxhall Nova J48 GMH White 1
55 David Comley Alun James Peugeot 106 S152 NOY Blue 2
56 Alan Bowen Llanelli Owen Evans Maesteg Ford Escort MK2 DAZ 1419 Red 3
57 Mike Pugsley X HRCR Adrian Williams GVMC Ford Escort MK1 RBT 751M Blue 3A
58 Martyn Quant X C&A Eilir Williams X Harlech Vauxhall Corsa L556 OUT Orange 1
59 Gareth Shanklin TVMC Gareth Short BTRDA Renault Clio R574 OJR Red 3
60 Steve Griggs Maesteg Jill Austin Vauxhall Nova Q173 XAX White 2
61 Martin Lasper Epynt Tony Edwards Epynt Peugeot 106 R506 FWX White 5
62 Gwilym owen PTMC Ben Jones PTMC Talbot Sunbeam Q472 UCY White/Red 2
63 Ross Wey Liam Carfrae Peugeot 205 F235 OPO White 3A
64 Martin Williams Whitchurch Tim Hobbs Telford Ford Escort UKD 116V Red 3
65 Lloyd Morgan HOVAC Dale Bowen HOVAC Nissan Micra N161 STX Blue 1
66 David Wood Oxford Lisa Evans Peugeot 205 GTI G61 ARD Red 2
67 Craig Cameron Cleeve Guy Robinson Cleeve Vauxhall Nova J735 UTH Red 1
68 Gethin Williams Herefordshire Tom Williams Herefordshire Ford Escort FHA 952T White/Red 4
69 James Young Herefordshire Ben Rolph Peugeot 306 R270 XBv Red 3
70 Nathan Davies Kidwelly Steffon Evans TVMC Vauxhall Nova K86 GWA Yellow/Blue 1
71 Chris Thompson Oxford Neil Harrison Hillman Avenger HIJ 3285 Blue 2
72 Paul Percival Carmarthen David Percival Carmarthen Peugeot 205 D24 UGY White 3A
73 Ian Kelly Stockport 061 Margaret Kelly Stockport 061 Nissan Micra P319 CUX White/Black 1
74 Keegan Rees GVMC Chris Sharpe-Simkiss Nissan Micra K762 HNO Red/Blue 1
75 Alison Lock Forresters Russell Joseph BL Mini LHY 34L Blue/White 1
76 Peter Lewis Forresters Abi Hancock Brecon Austin Mini 3000 KV Yellow/black 6
77 Philip Lloyd Ammanford Arwel Davies Ammanford Peugeot 205 E177 MHW Purple
78 Eifion Thomas TVMC Peter Evans TVMC Ford Escort MK1 ONR 579M Blue 6
79 William Green Herefordshire John Green Herefordshire Ford Escort NEY 177R Green 3
80 Adrian Llewellyn Ecurie Craig James Cheltenham Peugeot 106 V45 FBL Red 2
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