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Who looks after the forums?

These forums are owned and operated by Unlike some other forums we do not share these boards with other sites, the forums are only accessible via

Forum Administrator & Advertising: Mrfuzzyfelts
Forum Administrator: M3 Compact


1. General Posts
The forum Admin/Moderators will remove any posts on these forums that they consider to be libelous, defamatory or likely to cause distress to any other forum users.

This is an ENGLISH language forum, please post only in English. Posts in other lanuages will be removed without warning.

Posts containing nothing but a smiley will be removed. Posts cotaining a quote then no other comment other then a smiley will be removed. These posts are pointless and contribute nothing to the forum.

Personal abuse towards other forum members will NOT be tolerated on this forum. Its a sure fire way of getting your post pulled and your account closed.

While the majority of the users on these forums are adults we do ask that you do not post anything of an overtly sexual nature and keep the swearing to a minimum.

2. Advertising
Posts, which advertise other websites other than official championship websites or specific event websites, will be removed/edited whether the site is commercial or not.

3. Pictures
You may post pictures on the forums however cannot host the pictures for you. Please keep the maximum size of pictures to 500 pixels in length or below and as small a file size as possible. Pictures WILL be removed if they interfere with the page layout or make the page too slow to load.

In addition, anyone posting picture taken by themselves at an event should note the following:

* No flashy signature files advertising pictures. No big fonts, all standard text size but you can use colours if you want and no mentioning pics available for specfic events or events your going to do soon.

* Max of 3 shots per rally on the discussion threads. No pointing people directly to your website, email or PM for more.

* No replying or adding more pics on forum for picture requests, deal with these by PM or email.

* Copyright notices on pictures posted should NOT contain web or email address's. The reasons behind this are well documented in the photography forum. Any pictures posted with a web or email address embedded will be removed.

*Posted photos must be taken by yourself. Any photos posted on behalf of a person who is not a member of the forum will be removed. E.G. Wife/Brother/Sister/Girlfriend/Imaginary Friend. Posting photos from an event is a perk of contributing to the forum so if people want their photos posted they must be an active member of the forum.

4. Inappropriate Posts
Should you feel any post is inappropriate or in breach of the guidelines please contact the Admin/Moderators of the forum in question where we will do our best to deal with the situation as quickly as possible. There is a report button above all post for this purpose. Please do not contact one person directly, the use of this button will alert all moderators and allow us to deal with the situation quicker.

5. Getting Banned
Contrary to popular belief it is not easy to be banned from these forums! We do try to moderate and censor as little as possible, however we are always will to discuss IN PRIVATE if you think we have made an error of judgment. Please contact the Admin/Moderators by EMAIL or PM in these cases. We will not enter into these discussions on the forum.

6. Classified Ads.
We cannot stress enough that the classified adverts are for personal use only. No commercial posting is allowed. If we suspect that adverts are not personal then we will remove the posts with no warning. If you wish to advertise please contact the forum admin. Please keep the classified ads forums as clear as possible by replying to ads either by email or PM.

7. Multiple Usernames
Multiple usernames are not allowed, this clogs up the forum database needlessly. Usernames such as "Petter Solberg" are not allowed unless of course you are genuinely Petter Solberg! Offensive usernames will be removed. We cannot amend your username. Should you wish to change your username you will need to re-register.

8. Signatures
Signatures can be no longer than 200 characters as defined by the forum software. You may post a link to your website within your link, commercial or personal however advertising of specific products in your signature is not allowed and the signature will be removed. Please keep your signature within 3 lines of text (without gaps) and please do not use graphic files or large smileys or fonts within it, this includes colour.

If you add a link to a website, then please link back to from that website.

9. Picture Uploader
This feature has been removed due to persistant abuse.

We're always open to suggestions to improve the forums so please don't hesitate to get in touch with ideas.

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