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New Here

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:55 pm
by Grassracer
Hi, I am currently planning and collecting parts for an E36 Compact Rallycross car build, having competed in Autograss for 15 years I had a year in Rallycross in an MR2 Turbo, loved the racing but want a real rallycross car....front engine rwd, looking to put a car together with help from my 2 lads.
The plan is as light as possible inc fibreglass panels etc, wide arches 17 or 18in wheels, coilovers all round.
Engine wise the jury is still out but my personal current fave is the Duratec (Ford/Mazda) hopefully a 2.5 out of a Mazda 6 with itb's and standalone ecu. Will be looking for loads of advice along the way, looks like some great info and cars on here. Let the fun begin :D