316i Targa Rally Newbie

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316i Targa Rally Newbie

Postby McSwerve » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:02 pm

Afternoon All
After doing a couple of Autosolo’s in an old 205 gti, I wanted to progress onto Targa / Road Rally’s and switch to RWD. But all on a budget of next to nothing.

After stumbling onto this excellent site and doing a bit of research, an E36 318ti Compact seemed like a great place to start. I was thinking buy a standard car and then develop over a period of time.
However, whilst browsing eBay I spotted a 316i compact, stripped out with a half cage, seats, belts and sump guard. So to my novice’s eye, getting on for road rally spec. The only downside was that it had been used by a rally school, so (glass half empty) had probably had a hard life / (glass half full) hopefully had been prepared well.

So bought unseen for far less than even a cheap car, plus second hand bits would cost. As it turns out, it’s not as battered as I was expecting. Result!

So initial questions from a total novice with no car preparation / rally / engineering experience (but willing and reasonably able with a socket set):
The main let down is the current suspension, which seems very soft. You can rock it like a boat with little effort. I suspect it’s currently on a knackered standard set up, but I’ve not had chance to investigate further.
Would I be right in thinking a good set up would be Bilstein B6 (standard lengths 30% up rated I believe, and they come in Twin Tube and Mono Tube?) and Eibach springs? Only downside is that buying new it would cost the same as the rest of the car, can’t find anything second hand at the moment. Alternatively Peter Lloyd sell the ProSport coilover kits for next to nothing. I thought these were for kids modifying their Saxo’s, rather than a realistic budget rally option?
On Tyres is it worth sticking with the standard 205/60/15, or go narrower / wider? If so what’s the logic?

Any simplified guidance from the compact rallying jedi’s gratefully received.
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