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New member, e21 323

Postby e21_Chucklez » Wed May 15, 2013 9:33 am

Hi guys,

I got given a 82 e21 323i a year or so ago, and have been slowly getting it going for gravel rallying here in aus, most of my times taken up helping the old man build his house atm but getting there :P

All it has at the moment, is a makeshift bash plate (out of a bit of checker i had lying around) so i can take it to auto x, rally tires mudflaps, and stripped interior / a/c.

Radiator was changed to a 528i unit as i got it cheap, and mine was knackered.

Last i took it out was to our clubs tarmac event at haunted hills:


Only just got it there, after alot of hard work, and it ran the whole day / is still running (havent touched it since...)

I recently bought a jd2 m32 for rollcages,

and will be acquiring a diff / subframe next week to put my lsd into and fit the urethane kit i got from poland into.

So far unsure as to where to go with the suspension (gaz gold's would be nice, but dont have casheish)
I have been thinking about GC sleeves and springs, with adjustable shocks from spax, anyone had experience with spax??

Ill stop rambling now, but seeing all the pictures / work you guys do with newer cars is inspiring :)


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Re: New member, e21 323

Postby mrfuzzyfelts » Wed May 15, 2013 2:10 pm

Welcome, and good luck with your project 8)
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