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Postby JeffD » Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:30 am

Hi guys.
Ive been watching for a while, reading it, loving it all. Been racing and rallying for about 30 years, been into BMW, then suby's and now evos, and wanting to head back to E30's for classic rallying.

There's been some great build threads here. Some really good stuff.

My history with BMW's is:
Class record at Mt Washington in an old Grp A E30 325.
Owned 5 grp N E30's.
1- Grp A DTM (ex Nissen) car - now in Florida.
also owned a few E36's, 1 - 325, 1- 323, and 1- M3.

Had a few E30's - the Grp A car I used in the US, which stomped the floor every where it went, also stomped the competition in their 400 HP Escort Cossies.
Had a E30 325 street car I used in Ice racing in New York.
Currently have a E30 323 2 door which is the street runabout which will be the tarmac rally car build. Watch the for the thread soon - in about a year to be honest.

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Re: new

Postby bruvs1 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:19 pm

cool, later dude!! 320is, 330is rallying!
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