Newbie - potential car purchase recommendation

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Newbie - potential car purchase recommendation

Postby jody71 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:21 pm

Hi, new to the forum so sorry if I've missed an introduction section or anything..

Any way looking at getting into some stage rallying, not having much experience in the rally world I could do with understanding a few things before buying a car. Ive already decided RWD Rallying is where I want to be, as it is exciting and involving. Having raced bikes for some time circuit racing cars looks dull, rallying on the other hand looks awesome and I really love drivng rwd cars so seems the logical step. Allthough I'm actually a VAG man, having run a successful VAG specialists for the last 15 years you would think think I would choose along those lines, sadly fwd or 4wd doesnt seem to hold the same appeal as rwd! After so long racing bikes I thought having the resources around me its a shame not to put my hand to 4 wheels too, so here we go.

Enough of the waffle, I'd love an Escort but they seem ludicrous money to start off with and being a big BMW fan (just sold '10 e92 m3 which was best car Ive ever owned out of some serious kit) I currently have an E30 325 which I use for fun although we are just about to pull it off the road to convert the engine to a s54 from a m3. I had considered converting it to a rally car but wasn't sure, plus I'd still like to use it on the road occasionally, so I started looking about and it seems the compacts are quite popular.

SO could any one suggest how competitive this one would be in its given class: ... iment=true

Looks the business but will it cut it? Seems a nicely prepped car with all the bits, the guy seems ok I presume he even may be known on here.

Any help advice greatly recieved.
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