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Educate me on the E87 120i for motorsport.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:38 am
by Spac
I read the reviews when they were new, and came away with "handle nice, but too slow", and didn't think anything more about them.

Now the early ones are getting cheap (asking prices around Aus$4500), and they have my attention again - 110kW, six gears, ~1250kg with all of the modern safety stuff, and apparently do 0-100kph in under 9 seconds despite a crazy tall diff ratio. Oh, and brake rotors that should still just fit under 15" wheels.

Surely you can take a stack of weight out, fit a shorter diff and have a decent thing?

Is there a fly in the ointment that I have missed? Or is it just that nobody thinks about them because they aren't an E30/E36?
And I assume that they are new enough that the electronics are a hassle?

Any input welcomed! :)