E36 compact Wiper washer problem. Need help.

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E36 compact Wiper washer problem. Need help.

Postby B_Technic » Thu Nov 12, 2015 11:06 am

Hi, at the moment I’m building e36 Compact rally car instead of my totally crashed e30…
I have a quite modified M42 with not original ECU “abit” (From Lada…. Yes))))
In a process of making a new light wiring (without OEM Fuse box, dash, excess modules etc.) I faced with the problem. The problem is that the wiper washer module isn’t work correctly. Works only intermittent and “washer and single wipe” positions. Normal and fast is not works…. I`ve connect all wires of wiper washer module (WWM) according the diagram below, except one (pin 5) which going to instrument cluster (which I do not have) and OEM ECU (which I do not have also). How to make it work properly without stock dash and ECU??? I thought that my WWM is broken, and tried to plug it in to another E36, but it works well in another car (all position), even with disconnected speed sensor in rear diff… I`ve tried to connect this empty (5 pin) to 12 V, 5V, ground but no effect. Sure, that I`m not first who facing with this problem. In a Google I haven`t found any proper information to. What signal I have to put on this pin? I have only one idea to connect there a signal from crankshaft position sensor….
Thank You!
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Re: E36 compact Wiper washer problem. Need help.

Postby lahondal » Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:45 pm

Why not to connect only normal and fast speeds and stop manually the wiper in bottom position? I have my compact like that and for racing is enough for me. Ditch the wiper module and make a new "old style" wiring to run it.
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Re: E36 compact Wiper washer problem. Need help.

Postby avtovaz » Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:32 pm

oh interesting! what is the Lada ecu you are using?!

tell me more!
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