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E36 Coupe Suspension Tarmac

Postby Moynesyt5 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:51 pm

Hi All
I have just bought a track/race e36 328i which I will converse to use as a tarmac rally car.

It does have KW Competition one way suspension but it is set up for tracks with small springs etc. I have got in touch with KW and they can alter the shocks for £1,080 which is what I will probably do. Does anyone use KW for tarmac rallying? I indeed to do some events in the uk but will end up in Belgium on the closed roads. I don’t want to spend £3,500 for 3 way stuff....as I personally think once it is set up, you hardly ever change it....I’m a clubman not a top 5 finisher.

Also KW have suggested the following springs. Front 70N/mm - 200mm long, Rears 80N/mm - 140mm long. Any one think this is ok?

I’m not out to win rallies and I will do it for fun and get as sideways as possible, so I’m not after the perfect car.

Also have seen a few posts with the camber and caster settings, so is that thread the settings i need?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for ant advice.i will put some photos of the car on the car section

Cheers Dave
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