Bmw Compact Suspension Setup - Springs, Camber caster etc

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Bmw Compact Suspension Setup - Springs, Camber caster etc

Postby mrfuzzyfelts » Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:08 am

For tarmac events what you guys running on the BMW COMPACT..

I did have the full bilstein challenge suspension. thats the Bilstein shocks, eibach springs

I have the caster bushes in the wishbone to push wheel forward

Handled terrible on my first event..

Since then,

* i have change the front end to coilover 275 10" and a helper spring cant remember exactly will have to check.

* added 2 washers to each lower hub bolt between strut and hub with longer bolts to give some camber. Need to get on camber guages and set it all up. aiming for 2 degree negative?

* removed the rubbers from the rear spring to lower it a bit more..

Just wondering what camber you are running? Tracking? think mine toes in 5...

I havent touched the back yet! But looking at the fully adjustable mountings for doing camber, toe just not sure if its needed? like this ... -p889.aspx
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Re: Bmw Compact Suspension Setup - Springs, Camber caster et

Postby Adam Gardner » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:57 am

its funny you have posted this question, i was going to ask the opposite. what are people using for gravel events or road rallying?
i originally ran challenge spec suspension on my e30 including the springs and the shock absorbers but found it to sit too high at the front by about 2inches and felt horrible. i changed the front legs to coilovers with 200lb front springs and challenge inserts (m42 318is engine) and adjusted the right height to sit correctly and it helped no end. i also did like you have by removing the rear spring rubbers which seems to improve the feel of it.
i borrowed a compact to do a gravel road rally in and found it to be really well balanced as a standard car the only thing i did was to remove the rear anti roll bar completely.
i have only just started looking at suspension options for my friends compact to, by looking at your event photos it did look to be struggling to keep its front wheels near the tarmac. i believe alot of people are running coilovers on the back of the compacts? what did you use on your original car.
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Re: Bmw Compact Suspension Setup - Springs, Camber caster et

Postby CMJ motors » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:59 pm

Hello all, I've just joined the forum and I'm new to bmw rallying! I'm going to do the Welsh forest championship next year and I'm building a e36 compact with the 328 engine, was going to run standard rear springs with escort turreted Bilstein shocks but could do with the opinion with what to do with the fronts, again was going to adapt escort stuff to fit but wasn't sure due to the extra weight of the 2.8, what are others using and how do you find it, any advice much appreciated, thanks in advance!
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